Warning: The Gardens Are For Gardening Only

The following are strictly prohibited in the garden:

  • Fires
  • Alcohol
  • Multiple chairs
  • Group gatherings
  • Living sheds
  • BBQs

Gardeners along with garden leadership will be monitoring gardens. Failure to abide by these security and safety measures will result in garden forfeiture.

If you notice any suspicious activity or people please call Harbor Police at (310) 726-7700. You can also report any issues by taking a photo and the garden. You can submit the issue on this website using the Contact Us page.

2018 New Garden Rules – Los Angeles Community Garden Council

Click to read full list of rules for 2018 (this is only page 1).

San Pedro Garden Rules via LA Community Garden Counsil Rules
2018 Rules For All Gardeners

Still missing the most important rule, which is to make applicants to San Pedro All Year Community Gardens be a resident of San Pedro.

This is the fundamental basis as the name of the garden implies, San Pedro All Year Community Garden. First, it is for the residents of San Pedro who want to grow vegetables in a community garden. This is the only correct way to deal with the waitlist for gardens as well.

Other important rules include, if someone leaves their garden faucet open unattended, this should be a violation since this can cause the decrease in water pressure for others and importantly flood surrounding areas and soil erosion causing collapsing of make-shift retaining walls. This has happened and is a serious violation to qualify for losing the right to garden in SPAYCG.

Improving The Garden Rules

I posted the Official Rules of the San Pedro All Year Community Gardens as a menu item since this is what was given to me at the time of signing my contract.

It is clear these rules were created by one person at the time the garden was transitioning to the city and something was needed. As good a first attempt at creating some kind of structure, these rules are basic given the complexity of the garden.

Many old-time pay-to-garden gardeners are still here operating under their “own” system of gardening rules. The Official Rules as given to those who signed contracts around 2013-2014 had to sign this agreement. Those gardening before 2013 may never have been required to sign these rules, and so, felt it does not apply to them.

To reduce complexity and favoritism, we need to begin from the beginning. The entire Garden Rules need to be re-evaluated and then every gardener needs to re-apply for their plot and sign that they understand the terms laid out in English, Spanish, and other languages necessary for gardeners to take the Official Rules seriously.

The gardens are situated in the city of San Pedro. All gardeners who do not reside in San Pedro should pay more dues for the benefit of gardening in San Pedro.

This should to be implmented because many gardeners from other cities come to San Pedro Gardens and take up multiple plots. They get one for themselves and then one for their wife who never gardens and they end up growing trees instead of gardening, or worst just have an emty plot. This must be addressed.

San Pedro Community Gardens is for the community, we want to know our neighbors in San Pedro along with other city residents who follow the rules to get a garden here.

Gardening in San Pedro All Year Community Gardens is a privilege.