Fees and Payment Info for Garden Plots

Since the reopening of the San Pedro Community Gardens (SPCGs) the fees have increased dramatically. There are more groups involved in the management and need to be compensated for their work. Mainly, the increase is due to the water fees assessed at the garden Section level. Currently, there is no system where bigger plots using more water are charged for more usage as compared to a smaller garden, or an area with less sections or water usage. Keep this in mind as you review the garden fees:

Garden Fees

Garden Membership fee: $30/year
Water fee (assessed quarterly) but now fixed at: $20/month ($60/quarter or $240/year)
Total Annual fee: $240 + $30 = $270
Yearly Cost: $270

Where to Send Payment

This is the mailing address for LA Community Garden Council.

LA Community Garden Council
PO Box 147
Cypress, CA 90630-9998

Make checks payable to: LA Community Garden Council
On your check write down in the memo section your section/submeter/plot # + [your name]

When To Pay?

Currently, gardeners do not receive any bill or notification of dues other than at meetings. You can pay quarterly or yearly.

Failure to Pay Dues on Time

If you fail to pay you will receive a verbal communication from your section leader, then a letter will be mailed, and lastly a violation notice will be posted on your garden informing you of garden lock-out.