2018 New Garden Rules – Los Angeles Community Garden Council

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San Pedro Garden Rules via LA Community Garden Counsil Rules
2018 Rules For All Gardeners

Still missing the most important rule, which is to make applicants to San Pedro All Year Community Gardens be a resident of San Pedro.

This is the fundamental basis as the name of the garden implies, San Pedro All Year Community Garden. First, it is for the residents of San Pedro who want to grow vegetables in a community garden. This is the only correct way to deal with the waitlist for gardens as well.

Other important rules include, if someone leaves their garden faucet open unattended, this should be a violation since this can cause the decrease in water pressure for others and importantly flood surrounding areas and soil erosion causing collapsing of make-shift retaining walls. This has happened and is a serious violation to qualify for losing the right to garden in SPAYCG.